Pursue Further Coffee Experiences

The drip coffee machine is more in line with the trend of the younger generation, breaking the traditional style of the past. This product has two functions of ground coffee and instant capsule coffee, including independent steam pump and independent hot water pump, which is more in line with the needs of the new generation of young consumers. There are product attributes of other brands of drip coffee machine in the market.

The steam era series products incorporate the mechanical style design concept, inherit the original cultural temperament of ground coffee, interpret the products to release the metallic luster, reflect the professionalism of the products, and the details highlight the quality, which are more in line with the aesthetic cognition of contemporary young consumers, and can better reflect The products are fashionable and meet the specific needs of users’ usage habits.


Drip Coffee Operation Points


Drip coffee is a common method used by baristas. The so-called drip type is to put the coffee powder into the filter first, and then pour the water, and the hot water that dissolves the coffee will flow into the cup through the filter.

First, because the extraction and filtration of drip coffee happen at the same time, there is no way to control the extraction time. Secondly, depending on the amount of coffee powder, and the particle size, the extraction time is also different. Also, the extraction time varies depending on the coffee drain rack used.

The above three points all emphasize the difference in extraction time. It can be seen that the difference in extraction time can directly affect the taste of coffee. Because the extraction of coffee flavor substances is divided into two steps, the first step is the precipitation of flavor substances on the surface of coffee, which is very fast. The other step is to move from the coffee center to the coffee surface, this step is carried out slowly. Therefore, the longer the extraction time is, the more substances are precipitated, and because the sour substances are generally all precipitated within 3 minutes, while the bitter substances may be precipitated in 5 minutes or longer, so in terms of taste, the longer the extraction time, the coffee will be relatively It’s a little harder, and that’s why.