Elderly Must Prevent Falls

  • June 30, 2022

The news of Mr. Yuan Longping’s death caused mourning online and offline. No matter what education, occupation, and location, almost everyone was mourning the scientist.

After all, as the pioneer of the research and development of hybrid rice in my country, and the first scientist in the world who successfully used the heterosis of rice, “the father of hybrid rice”, Mr. Yuan Longping solved the food problem of billions of people at home and abroad. Staying away from starvation is enough to shake human history, and you deserve the title of hero of the Republic!

Although Yuan Longping is 91 years old, his body has always been tough, and his death has made many people unacceptable and distressed.

It is reported that he was admitted to the hospital because he fell on the Sanya hybrid rice base on March 10 and was unwell. He was sent to Changsha for treatment on April 7 until he died of multiple organ failure.

In fact, elderly fall just like the first domino to fall, will cause a series of adverse events. It is an event that cannot be ignored and should be prevented.

The first is to pay attention to reasonable exercises to increase muscle strength. Try to keep your bones healthy. Including in daily life. More activity reduces sedentary. Do pliability exercises such as Tai Chi. Carry out exercises such as squats and other lower limb muscle exercises.

The second is to pay attention to environmental safety. For example, the lighting settings at night should be convenient for the elderly to use. Be careful not to have too many obstacles when walking in the living environment. Pay attention to non-slip bathroom floor. Add pull rods or armrests that the elderly can assist. The furniture in the living environment should be installed with anti-collision strips to avoid injury to the elderly fall accidentally.

The third is to pay attention to personal wear and fit to fit your feet. Pay attention to the fit of the clothes to avoid obstruction of movement. Also pay attention to whether the shoes you are wearing fit your feet and pay attention to non-slip.

Fourth, pay attention to the safety of medication for chronic diseases. Most elderly people have chronic diseases. While drugs control chronic diseases. Pay attention to the adverse side effects of the drug. Some drugs may cause drowsiness or cognitive and judgment disorders after taking them. If you take the above drugs, you need to observe strictly in accordance with the use time and precautions of the drugs. Avoid going out immediately after taking medication.


How to care for after a fall?


1. Avoid prolonged lying down and try to stay in a semi-recumbent position to prevent elderly fall pneumonia; at the same time, turn over and pat your back to actively prevent the risk of pressure sores.

2. Proper bed exercise, try to strive for active muscle activity, and passive exercise when necessary to prevent thrombosis and muscle atrophy.

3. Active anti-osteoporosis treatment, balanced nutrition, and adequate intake of protein and calcium.

4. Positive psychological intervention, more communication, improve the mental health of the elderly, and avoid persistent negative emotional distress for the elderly.

5. Actively prevent the occurrence of another fall.