2022 Coffee Bean Packaging Design Will Be Biased Towards These Styles

  • July 28, 2022

Due to the repeated epidemics, the epidemic prevention measures in various countries have prevented stores from operating normally, and people have also been restricted from going out. In the past two years, everyone’s consumption scene has also changed from offline to online, and coffee consumption is no exception. According to the Global Coffee Consumption Report, more and more people have begun to buy coffee beans from coffee online shops since the epidemic, and learn how to brew a cup of coffee that satisfies them at home.

In this era of crazy involution of e-commerce, if you want consumers to notice your coffee brand, the packaging of the product must be the key. When there is not enough popularity and the price cannot be rolled over by others, the packaging design of coffee beans has become the “bet” of many coffee brands. In addition to helping brands communicate their story and personality, great packaging design is also a crucial step in building customer loyalty to the brand.

Recently, there was such a topic in the global freelance creator/designer forum (99designs by Vista): which styles will be preferred for coffee bean packaging design in 2022. Judging from the discussions/predictions of the designers, more and more coffee brands will turn to avant-garde designs in 2022, hoping to capture the attention of consumers who quickly swipe to preview products through exaggerated design and color matching, and at the same time create an eye-catching Unforgettable experience.

However, some designers said that everyone’s exaggerated design is prone to visual fatigue. If everyone prefers exaggerated design and color matching, then simple design is the most prominent among many products. To this end, the discussants have compiled 6 coffee bean packaging designs that are most likely to dominate in 2022.


1. “Peaceful Wind” – A Combination Of Clean Tones And Simple Copywriting


In recent years, the epidemic has repeated, and people’s mood is also mixed. Sophisticated moods make consumers like to seek peace and tranquility through all areas of their lives. The coffee beans themselves express purity and simplicity. Through the combination of calm tones, simple copywriting and clean fonts, the products look free from visual burdens, and at the same time convey the mood of relaxation that drinking coffee can bring to everyone.


2. “Text Solo Style” – Text Solo With Hierarchical Structure


In the past design understanding, good packaging design is inseparable from the pattern. But in this era of pursuit of tranquility, simple typography has become a trend. Communicate product names, features, and other vital information directly to consumers through typography. Readability, readability, reading time, font size, shape, color, and style can make simple typesetting memorable, allowing consumers to distinguish different roasts, different production areas, and different flavors through emphasized text coffee beans.


3. “Laser Wind” – Material And Light Work Together To Create A Special Vision


The laser style, which was regarded as a “non-mainstream” color scheme at the time, has been reused in recent years, and the laser style is brighter than the rainbow color. The packaging material and light “join together” to bring a special visual experience to consumers. The light blue and pink neon lights are visually matched with the white background, and they are layered with geometric shapes to increase the sense of edge, presenting a cool look. Future technology style visual experience. Used in the packaging of coffee beans, it can attract the attention of young consumers who are pursuing the trend and change the impression of the new generation of consumers on traditional coffee.


4. “Environmental Style” – Environmentally Friendly Materials Show The Sustainable Development Of The Brand


In an era when everyone pays attention to environmental protection, the recyclable/sustainable development of commodity packaging has become the focus of design. Whether the material of the packaging itself is environmentally friendly has become the focus of consumers. Designers predict that some packaging made of environmentally friendly materials may be widely used in the preservation and transportation of coffee beans this year. For example, airtight cans made of grounds after coffee grinder hong kong, packaging bags made of non-wood fibers, etc., emphasize that coffee beans/grounds are one of the sustainable materials.


5. “Collage Style” – Reflect Environmental Protection Through Collage


By emphasizing layers of color and geometry, with tear-off effects and raw textures that express the essence of recyclable materials, it is ideal for coffee brands looking to enter the eco-friendly market. Through the collage design, there are endless possibilities, so that consumers can feel that the brand loves nature and pays attention to environmental protection through such packaging design.


6. “Children’s Style” – Naughty And Quirky Characters Are Relaxed And Happy


Anxious living environment makes packaging design biased towards “mischievous” and playful style. Imitation of children’s drawings or childlike style has become the focus of packaging design. Some quirky 2D characters, children’s drawing style characters… both cute and hilarious. The use of this design style for coffee bean packaging will create a relaxed and pleasant impression for the coffee brand, so that consumers can think of the brand’s coffee beans when they encounter happy things.