The Story Of The Bridal Boutique

  • August 1, 2022

I have been running a bridal boutique hong kong for ten years, and I have seen many couples during these ten years. There are those who love each other sweetly, and there are those who are arguing with their wedding dresses.

Life is full of all kinds of situations, and it’s not surprising to see it more.

Just a few days ago, a pair of newlyweds with very good family backgrounds came over to try makeup. They chose the most expensive wedding dress in the store, and ordered the dresses of both parents, as well as high-end makeup, and paid tens of thousands of deposits, which was a big order.

As a result, a few days before the wedding, the woman and her mother came together. They did not come to pay the final payment, but to refund the deposit. The woman’s mother said angrily, “This marriage is over, do you think we can’t get married? What’s so great.”

I asked, “What happened?”

The reason for the breakup is very simple. When the woman came to the door, the man’s mother said, “After we get married, we must love each other and cherish each other.” I asked suspiciously, “Isn’t this normal? Elders are like this. Ask the juniors!”

The woman’s mother told me that before, the young couple often quarreled, and once they had a big fight. It is said that the two had a fight, and the man lost the prize. At that time, the man’s mother was very unhappy when she saw it. Therefore, the woman felt that the man’s mother was taking the opportunity to beat her daughter, and she said that she was a very reasonable person. As long as the other party did not provoke her, she would definitely fall in love with each other, but if the other party provokes her first, she is not a vegetarian.

In such a hurry, the two adults finally quarreled. The two newlyweds were helping their mothers. In the end, they quarreled until they were not married. Like this, I’m speechless, are these all glass hearts? Did it just go away?

This is not too surprising, just yesterday, I also met a couple. The two came to pick a wedding dress, but they started arguing when they picked it up. The woman said, “I will get married once in my life, why can’t I get the best one?” The man said, “I know that I will get married once in a lifetime, but we have to do what we can. This wedding dress is 68,000 yuan!”

As soon as I heard the reason for the quarrel, I quickly settled down and said: This wedding dress is a high-end series in our store. It is indeed very beautiful. Many brides like it. It is not so expensive to rent it. Before the words were finished, the bride said unhappily, “I don’t want to wear what others have worn, I want brand new ones.”

I smiled and said, “I understand this feeling very well. After all, it is a major event in my life, but the wedding dresses we rented are all very clean, just like new.” But the bride was very angry and probably felt ashamed. Insisting on buying, the groom looks embarrassed, trying to dispel the bride’s thoughts. The groom-to-be also said, “Just wear it on the wedding day, we can rent it.” The bride refused to give in. “Anyway, I must buy this wedding dress. If I don’t buy it, then I will not end the marriage.”

It’s all right now, she was still persuading her groom in a low voice, he took off his dress and threw it on the sofa: “I won’t wait for you to wait for the love to end.” One thing that was originally very happy ended in trouble. Disapprove. The groom-to-be ran away, and the bride-to-be was crying in the store. How could he be persuaded? In fact, it can be said well, but in the end it turned out to be like this, who is to blame?

I don’t know if it’s because of bad feng shui or what. After five o’clock, when the store was about to close, another couple came over. There, the woman complained to the man that the prospective mother-in-law was too stingy and would not get married once. The man defended his mother and said, “Nowadays, there are not a few women who make big money.”

The woman said, “You’re not in the family, so are you embarrassed to say such a thing? Marriage should always be done by men. What age is it now, men and women are the same, it’s not that you marry into my house, then you are filial to my parents, and we get married. Didn’t you move out later?”

The man said, “Did my parents take advantage of you? They have already paid for our wedding. What do you want from them?”

The woman said angrily, “Every time you talk about your parents, you always turn to your parents. Who are you going to live with in the future? I think you should just stop getting married and live with your parents for the rest of your life!”

The man also said angrily: “Since we decided to get married, you always disliked my parents, either because the house they bought was not big enough, or because they didn’t pay enough money. Are you a giant baby? You need someone else to do everything for you. OK? You can’t rely on yourself?”

“Do you think I got your family for nothing? My parents have already agreed to give me a dowry of 500,000 plus a car, then you should at least prepare a 500,000 wedding. Your mother plans to marry 300,000. If you The family is indeed very poor, so I won’t say anything, but your family can afford 500,000.”

The man snorted: “Of course our family can get 500,000, but it’s too late in the future? Use all the money for the wedding? Do you think it’s interesting?”

The woman said, “Interesting, very interesting, marriage does not cost money, when will it cost?”

In the end, both of them felt that they were justified, they stopped trying makeup, and even said their breakup, and finally left angrily.

In fact, from the point of view of a person who has come here, I really don’t understand why these people are arguing. Getting married was originally a festive event, but it was also quite boring if it broke up later. Looking at the quarrel between these couples, they can’t see the sweetness or happiness in their eyes. On the contrary, they seem to have completed a task. It is no wonder that they broke up after a disagreement. Now the divorce rate is getting higher and higher, and it is inseparable from marriage too hastily. A marriage that relies only on one party’s compromise will not be of high quality, and two people who don’t know how to cherish will not grow a marriage.